Friday, December 5, 2008


It's an interesting article by Richard Rodriguez, who is Mexican-American, gay and a practicing Catholic.  I may not agree with everything the article says, but he raises important points and gives a unique perspective on some of the issues plaguing our country today.  The part about his Catholic Church being the community he personally participates in, where he receives communion, and  is supported by his priest and the other parishioners (and not some archbishop's idea of the Church in Colorado or Los Angeles, who champions prop 8 while ignoring accusations of clergy molestation) rang especially close to home.  Certainly as Catholics, we don't agree with or champion all the ideas loosely  associated with the Catholic religious institution, but I think one of my most beloved aspects of Catholicism is the way it can encompass so many different people with different ideas and cultures and accepts them along with their differences.  That aspect of the Church isn't really publicized by the media, or even seen in a lot of the more conservative communities around here, but it's a part of the Church that embraces diversity in a way that most people ignore.  This diversity and essential community acceptance along with the traditions and spirituality that can make even the most different people feel connected is what makes the bond with our religion so strong.  Okay, now I'm rambling, just read the article.

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