Monday, August 8, 2011

Sleep well
With untroubled dreams that never wake your slumbering lids
And a ceaseless breathing that never betrays your somnolent lips
Gently, I unplug your ears and take off my eyes
We lie in a silence, void of any wavelength of light or any undercurrent of modernity
Allow you to slip into a meditation unencumbered by your daily burdens
Sacrifice your fears to the pyre of the Sun
For the Moon will have only your musings
Demagnetize my touch and feel nothing but the peace that lies between us
Let there be nothing else between us
As I baptize you in a reconciliation between mind and soul
Your body confesses its faults to mine
And we bathe in a forgiveness all our own
What lies between sleep and waking hours?
Only the sacrament of our tranquility.
Could we remain in this liminal reality forever?
No, but for you, I would.

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